Was born on 23 December 1916 in Tbilisi.
1935-1941 Studied painting in the Art Academy of Tbilisi, Georgia
1943 Became a member of the Armenian Artists Union
1946 Started to teach in Yerevan Institution of Fine Arts and Theater of (establishment date) (now – Academy)
1948 and 1952 Was elected deputy of City Council.
1956 Was awarded “Honored worker” medal
1957 Was appointed as a docent, Moscow
1961 Was announced The People’s Painter of Armenia.
Participated in exhibitions in the Republic and in the Union.
Individual exhibitions
1943 Reporting exhibition, Artist’s house, Yerevan
1948 38 works, Artist’s house, Yerevan
1967 Artist’s house, Yerevan
2001 Albert and Tove gallery, YSA of Fine Arts
Arpenik Nalbandyan died on 17 May 1964 in Yerevan.
Her paintings (around 300) can be found in Armenian National Gallery (around 45), Georgian National Gallery, Gyumry Gallery, private collections.
Brother – Dmitri Nalbandyan, people’s painter of USSR, an actual member of The Academy of Fine Arts of USSR.
Sisters – Lusine,Amalya and Margo Nalbandyan
Husband – Eduard Isabekyan the people’s painter of Armenia, professor.  Married in 1940.
Mher Isabekyan – painter
Aram Isabekyan – People’s painter, professor of  State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia,